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Healing and growing through Kuchipudi

Sneha Sasikumar, a Kuchipudi artiste from Kerala is starting an innovative start up of conducting workshops on Kuchipudi free of cost. The effort aims to provide basic Kuchipudi training and make it available to all, through classes that run throughout the year at multiple locations for the underprivileged and physically disabled. The initiative is to help these children to hone or educate on their dancing skills alongside develop other critical life skills such as confidence and self-esteem.
Sneha aims to edify them by furthering their emotional, cognitive and social integration and there by improving their attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving and creativity through the art of dancing.

Throughout the year

Kasturba Children's Home, Guruvayur
(Expected to start at other locations)

For more details about schedule reach out to Sneha Sasikumar at sneha.gvr@gmail.com