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Pt Jasraj Scholarships

For over 10 years, every year the Rotary club of Hyderabad has been giving scholarships to 4 to 5 promising students in the field of the classical arts. These scholarships are aimed at encouraging, fostering and recognizing talent in young people in these fields and in doing so preserving our rich cultural heritage and tradition.

The fact that Pt Jasraj himself gives the Awards to the recipients and blesses them and the fact that the awardees get a chance to perform in his august presence makes these awards very prestigious and valuable in the eyes of the recipients.

Nominations are invited from candidates in the field of Hindustani Classical, Carnatic Classical and any form of Classical dance. The candidate should be below the age of 21 years. The only criterion is talent and potential worthy of the legendary name of Pt Jasraj. Thus there may be more than one candidate in a particular field.

There will be an audition on 25th November before a panel of Judges whose decision will be final.

Biodata of candidates should be emailed to Annapurna Sastry at annbham@hotmail.com

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