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Flying Low Classes

Vangelis Legakis, a dance artist and choreographer, will teach Flying Low classes fusing its primary principles, that of Gathering-Sending and Passing Through, with spiritual work inspired by Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices. The workshop will focus on the flow of energy within and outside the body to increase inner and outer perceptions and sensations so as to allow different energies move the body effortlessly and fluidly.

Dates: Apr 2 - 20 (Mon-Fri)
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Fees: Rs 3750/-
Venue: For first two weeks venue would be Gati Studio in Nizamuddin East. For last week classes will take place in Gati’s new studio in Khirkee extension
Contact: +91-9971406113 or gatidance@gmail.com

To register for this workshop please mail your name, phone number and email address, your movement/dance background, with the name of this workshop.

About Vangelis: Vangelis was trained at Laban Center in contemporary and got certified as a Flying Low teacher by David Zambrano in 2010. He has been exploring different forms of dance practices, including Forsythe's work since 2005 and he has been in spiritual practices for over 15 years. He fuses dance and spiritual work to enhance mindfulness, perception and consciousness and in turn allow through these processes the dancer liberate himself and become the dance itself.